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Floors for our new dojo location

In order to further our training and growth in south Florida the Toku Bu Kan dojo is moving to a new location with a larger floor space. This new location will allow us to expand our outreach to the community and give our students an environment to better train in the long term.

In order to recreate the environment of a traditional Japanese dojo we need your help to fund the new flooring needed at the new location. We will be adding an additional 800 square feet of bamboo flooring and underlayment boards to the new location. In additional we will be adding wood paneling and painting the walls to recreate the original dojos that we started with. We are a traditional Japanese sword school and our environment should match our training philosophy.

If you would like to donate please choose from a level of donation on the form or enter in a custom amount. We will be creating a gold plaque with the name of the donors who pledge $100 or more to show our gratitude for those who made the move possible.

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The meaning behind Toku Bu Kan

In Kendo, defeating your opponent should not be obtained by ruthlessly over powering your opponent or by actions of trickery or anger towards them. Winning using these things will only create feelings of anger, revenge and unhappiness, however winning by true virtue (Toku) is truly winning. Your opponent will thank you when being defeated by you in this fashion and in the end, you will gain the respect from your opponent for these qualities you uphold during your exchange.

Therefore we use Virtue (Toku 徳) for the Dojo’s first kanji, and for the second kanji we use ( Bu 武) as in Budo (Martial Art). The last kanji is ( Kan 館) as in group.

(徳武館) Tokubukan has a deep meaning and is giving us a goal to strive for every day we train.