I always try to keep in mind something that I read many years ago…
To win a war, we must sometimes lose battles.

In Kendo I have found this to be also a very important thing to keep in mind. Many students when training are always trying to score at almost all cost. Never attacking with a positive attitude. To attack with a positive attitude one must strike boldly with confidence and straight in to the opponent. The attack should be like a tsunami! It moves from your lower body forward building intensity till it hits the beach or for us till we strike. After the strike the water continues to move over the beach. Overcoming everything in its way much like we must move after the strike and exhibit proper zanshin. A tsunami does not hesitant, nor does it go backwards, or stop. In kendo many students strike men with reservations and many times with hesitation. They want to win a point but do not want to be hit by their opponent. In daily practice I feel that this is not a good way to train. Attacking with a positive attitude cannot be achieved like this. One must sacrifice being scored on in order to understand how to boldly strike when the opportunity is available. We must train to strike like a tsunami… unwavering to your opponent. If we are concerned about always winning a point in regular classes, then we will never succeed in Kendo. We will win small battles but not the war. So the emphasis for proper kendo is in overall success not in the momentary winning of a point. Become the tsunami and attack boldly with every essence of your body, mind and spirit. Train to succeed not to just win…….

Tokubukan – Miami FL,
Moses Becerra