Welcome to Toku Bu Kan

A traditional Japanese sword school located in Miami Florida.

The Art of Kendo

Kendo is a modern Japanese martial art which descended from traditional swordsmanship.

The Art of Iaido

Iaido is the art of drawing and attacking with a sword.

The Art of Batto Do

Batto Do means the way of drawing & cutting with a sword in a single motion. Training is for combative effectiveness, through factors such as distancing, timing & targeting.

Welcome to Toku Bu Kan Dojo

The meaning behind Toku Bu Kan

In Kendo, defeating your opponent should not be obtained by ruthlessly over powering your opponent or by actions of trickery or anger towards them. Winning using these things will only create feelings of anger, revenge and unhappiness, however winning by true virtue (Toku) is truly winning. Your opponent will thank you when being defeated by you in this fashion and in the end, you will gain the respect from your opponent for these qualities you uphold during your exchange.

Therefore we use Virtue (Toku 徳) for the Dojo’s first kanji, and for the second kanji we use ( Bu 武) as in Budo (Martial Art). The last kanji is ( Kan 館) as in group.

(徳武館) Tokubukan has a deep meaning and is giving us a goal to strive for every day we train.

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Dojo Motto

“The sword and the mind (soul) are one. If the mind is right, the sword is right. If the mind is not right, the sword also cannot be right. The person who wishes to study the sword must first study their mind”.

Shimada Toranosuke

Example of Kendo armor

Kendo is Japanese fencing derived from the ancient art of Samurai swordsmanship. Using a simulated sword made of bamboo slats, and wearing protectors, the Kendoist competes against an opponent according to established scoring points and regulations. It is excellent training for mental as well as physical discipline.

The concept of Kendo is to discipline the human character through the application of the principles of the Katana (The sword).

The purpose of practicing Kendo is:

  • To mold the mind and body
  • To cultivate a vigorous spirit
  • Through correct and rigid training
  • To strive for improvement in the art of Kendo
  • To hold in esteem human courtesy and honor
  • To associate with others with sincerity
  • To forever pursue the cultivation of oneself

Thus one who is be able to love their country and society, to contribute to the development of culture, and to promote peace and prosperity among all people.

Beginner classes now available!

Contact Information

Moses Becerra
Public Relations
Phone: 631-332-4411
Email: info@tokubukan.com

Please contact us before coming to a class.

Toku Bu Kan Dojo
14901 NE 20th Ave, North Miami, FL 33181

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