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Virtues Budo Group

In Kendo, defeating your opponent should not be obtained by ruthlessly overpowering your opponent or by actions of trickery or anger towards them. Winning using these things will only create feelings of anger, revenge and unhappiness, however winning by true virtue (Toku) is truly winning.

Your opponent will thank you when you are defeated in this fashion, and in the end, you will gain the respect of your opponent for these qualities you uphold during your exchange.

Therefore, we use Virtue (Toku 徳) for the Dojo’s first kanji, and for the second kanji, we use ( Bu 武) as in Budo (Martial Art). The last kanji is ( Kan 館) as in group.

(徳武館) Tokubukan has deep meaning and gives us a goal to strive for every day we train.

About the Instructors

Mose Becerra

Head Instructor, Rokudan Renshi (6th Dan)

Becerra Sensei started his kendo training at the young age of 16. He has trained in Kendo in the US and in Japan and qualified and competed at the 9th International Kendo tournament in Paris, France, as a member of the USA TEAM. Coached the Venezuelan Kendo team at the 10th International Kendo tournament in Kyoto Japan—Won and placed in top three in many national kendo tournaments throughout the United States. If you ask him about these accomplishments, you will find that he is more focused on understanding and teaching good quality Kendo and not on focusing on tournaments only. Sensei established a Kendo Dojo in Long Island, New York, in 1992. The Long Island Kendo Dojo is now led by one, Becerra Sensei’s students, that is a 4th Dan. He has over 30 years of experience in the Kendo world. In 2013, he moved to Florida and established a new Kendo Dojo in Miami. This new Dojo is growing stronger daily with students interested in quality Kendo. He is the highest-ranked Kendo Sensei in South Florida at Rokudan Renshi (6th Dan).

Guillermo Auvert

Assistant Instructor, 5th Dan

Participated in the 3rd Latin American Kendo Championships 2013 in Medellin, Colombia. Also participated in the 13th, 14th, and 15th World Kendo Championships. Member of the 2015 Venezuela team participating in the 16th World Kendo Championships in Tokyo, Japan. Over 11 years of Kendo experience with training in Latin America and parts of the United States.

Patricia Villanueva

Assistant Instructor, 4th Dan

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